Bento bag Artist

I studied graphic design years ago, teaching French paid tuition and living expenses for me during my university years until I got Bachelor in Graphic design 

I tried to find a job related to my study but I was not able to land any job.

Having my French language knowledge found me a teaching job in a French school which again paid my life expenses.

As a hobby I always liked making fabric bags and giving them away as a gift to my friends .

They were always interested in them and would encourage me to look at making them as a business opportunity.

I always had my friend’s advice in my mind to make more of bento bags and present them to everybody I was always dreaming about it But I was very busy with life that I didn’t have time to make a plan,

Then Pandemic happened , during lockdown I lost my job and suddenly I had a lot of time to make my dreams come true.

So I started making more of these bags named Azuma Bukuro or good fortune bags. These bags are made of scrap fabrics with origami folds.

 Bento bag is traditional Japanese cloth bag that is used to carry pretty much anything.

Hope you enjoy using them.

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