Vitrail earrings and brooches artist

I graduated from a painting university. I have oil painted in different styles. Creativity never stopped for me. I started working with vitrail technique on large canvas and  then moved on to miniature scale and making earrings and brooches with plexiglasses.

I started with zero experience so to get to the desired result I had to go through trial and error.

I am always seeking for the best and ultimately perfection but time and practice made my products as good as they are today.

At first making these earrings and brooches was kind of a hobby for me, furthermore I wasn't feeling comfortable to share my technique and art with everybody else .

Since the fear of stealing and copying my ideas faded away, I started to share my ideas and work on social media.

I have gained confidence and good reputation in my field of work by now that I feel that I can let the world see my work and enjoy it.

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