About Collage Café Gallery

Collage in the world of art is defined as the collection of different pieces of fabric, paper or tiles and bringing them together to create a new piece of art. The beauty of collage lies in the collective new message of the new artwork while maintaining the individual color, texture and story of the individual pieces.


Our mission at Collage Café is to bring together artistic work from different cultures and communities to showcase a vast artistic expression of our world and how we experience it. Collage Café is a an inclusive space where we all come together to speak the beautiful universal language of art, tell our stories and form meaningful friendships.


We are female-identified artists with a broad range of artistic expression, worldviews and ethnicities. Our paths crossed when we were all on the journey of creating a space to share our stories through our work, a space where we could bring together art pieces from all around the world and provide the opportunity for artists to freely share their emotions, worldviews and expressions of their life experiences.


Our values are the core of our partnership: inclusivity, free expression, compassion and respect. Above all, we believe in the power of art to touch us and speak to us; no matter where we are from, what language we speak or our gender.